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Android is an operating system for mobile devices and it is a Linux-based platform. It is designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices for Example Smartphones, tablets and PCs. Because it is on an open-source basis, the developer programmer can do the OS level customization at a minimal cost possibly. These applications are progressively agreeable and advanced for the users. One of the most widely used mobile OS in Present days is “ANDROID. But in this Android, we don’t have any user interface (UI) and it runs on background. It is a component that is used to perform operations on the background such as playing the music or handle network operations when the user in a different app. Trovend Technology is rated as the one top Android application development which sticks with the best platform like Android mobiles, tablets, android wear. Android is the advanced Operating System that gets more acknowledgment for a modern business with high-end user-friendly applications, versatility, and flexibility. Look at the top mobile app companies who are skilled mobile app developers experts in developing the Android app is much more mobile-friendly features. With the web application officially composed, it is significantly more proficient to make the API to the greatness. C # +.Net and Ruby + Ruby on Rails is additionally substantially more successfully utilized for exceedingly propelled web application back-end advancements to the most extreme. We have our expert team for Android mobile application programming, android application development services, etc.

Our team of experts is well efficient in Android to build highly scalable apps and expertise in iPhone, Android, Hybrid and Windows App Development and also provide you the best service of android development.  Trovend Technology Team has leading skills and expertise in mobile application development by using the framework of Android and JAVA. The android development supports the full programming languages like Html, CSS, JavaScript, asp.net…, etc. In Present days Phones, Tablets and other Smart Devices have become more popular. This competitive business world, we should have a perfect-built mobile application is of great importance. Not only in businesses but also in the use of mobile apps can be seen in education, healthcare, cooking, shopping, banking, matrimony, shopping/e-commerce, and other fields as well. If you’re buying a new smartphone today, chances are very good that it will run one of the operating systems like Google’s Android. Love Android we are lucky to get the opportunity to play with android operating systems in the course of our work. This platform has structural differences as well as their own advantages and disadvantages.


  •           Android Is More Customizable Can change nearly anything.
  •       In Android, any new product should be possible effectively and with no audit procedure
  •       Utilize a Different Messaging App for SMS  ·   According to android, we need more code on Java than Objective-C.  ·   A great deal of “process” out of sight that prompts the battery rapidly depletes.
  •   ·   Complex layouts and animations are more earnestly to code in Android.
  •   ·   Upcoming versions have the support and Worked in Beta Testing


  • Applications contain infection additionally present in Android Market.
  • Including a micro SD card can be an exit plan, yet that move can hamper the telephone’s speed
  • Android phones are inclined to slack as the biological system isn’t streamlined and coordinated
  • Android is a very heavy operating system framework and most applications will, in general, keep running out of sight notwithstanding when shut by the client.

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