dining habits
In restaurant businesses, technology is being drastically used and has become a prerequisite today. Restaurants, with changing times that have
innovative technologies
Digital transformation is an opportunity for businesses to leverage technology to deliver a cutting-edge user experience. Learn how digital transformation
Trovend Technology is a place to learn, explore and develop for innovators. We are made up of bold and innovative
digitalization of clinical trials
Clinical research is one of the most significant aspects of drug development. With advancement in exponential technology and evolving transitions
Touchless menu
In 2020, restaurant businesses worldwide recommended a safer , healthier and more innovative alternative to the conventional dining experience. Recent
An significant component of each clinical trial is Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS). Selecting the correct CTMS helps overcome organizational
electronic CRF
Clinical trials have been a complicated and time-consuming affair. Specialists and global authorities have recognized that a reliable and stable
paperless clinical trial studies
One of the most significant aspects of clinical research is clinical data management. The key trend in the development of
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Many restaurants around the world have been seriously impacted during the Coronavirus pandemic. People are now looking for inventive ways to
Drug development remains a complex and expensive process  for clinical research organizations (CROs) and the larger pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Clinical