Web Platform for Clinical Trials

Abiogenesis is one of the leading clinical research organizations in Hyderabad, India was performing paper based clinical study for their client for past few years, due to coVid19 lock-down, they were looking for a Digital version


Printing the CRF (Clinical Research Form) and shipping to the sites during the pandemic was the key problem area for the Clinical Research Organization and it involve lot of human interaction and these papers could be a potential threat to sites/ hospitals as well as doctors

Adopting technology by the sites and physicians are another problem area as they were comfortable capturing information on paper over the years and they had rough experience using technology for capturing the study details

ASP.NET Core  BootStrap HTML/CSS MVCSQL Server Java-script OpenSource


Create a customized EDC (Electronic Data Capture) or we call it as eCRF (Electronic Clinical Research Form) using stable technologies like Microsoft ASP.NET Core and SQL Database which provides scalability, security and rich UI Experience

Mimic the exact design, look and feel so that sites and physicians will easily navigate and capture data, also provided interim save option so that, there is no data loss.


3000+ Records created, 1000+ records already submitted with in a week. Clinical Research Organization has the option to download the excel within seconds instead of weeks/ months of converting data from filled paper form. Happy Pharma Company, Happy Clinical Research Organization and We are happy that, we added value to them as well to the environment by saving paper