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In today’s competitive era, the biopharmaceutical industry has been facing the challenge, both internally and externally, for increasing productivity. A conventional method with paper and spreadsheet cannot meet clinical data management demand anymore. Data now means “electronic data”, which is electronically collected, stored, transmitted, and archived data for critical data-based decision making. Using effective technology-enabled methods to manage clinical data can enhance the speed with which the drug is developed and commercialized, which enhance the competitive advantage. In such conditions CDM helps in reduction of time from drug development to marketing.

Capturing and Managing Clinical Trial Data

Clinical data management remains one of the key factors in clinical trials that affect resources and ultimately outcomes during the clinical trials. Data quality obtained during the clinical trial is the key to its success. Today when it comes to every aspect of the medical world, the high quality, fully error-free data that has formed the basis of the entire medical world is the most essential thing. A new analysis of healthcare professionals found that two thirds of them still use spreadsheets to manage data in clinical trials. This is one of the most significant contributors to delays, additional costs and patient outcomes that are inevitably unfavorable. So it is very clear that the clinical data collection process will play a very important role in clinical Research.

The use of spreadsheets as a Master Research Study, where data is aggregated from several source systems, results in quite time-consuming unsynchronized data to manage. In addition, more data manipulation by human interaction leads directly to a higher risk of errors.

Therefore, software providers like Trovend Technology concentrate on providing stable databases with aggregate data in which data professionals can analyze and consult without error risk. Real-time edit checks, skip patterns and advanced management of data queries provide clinical data access and eliminate data entry errors from data capture.

Trovend Technology can help you with data management!

Data Collection

Trovend Technology provides advanced techniques for data entry that allow you to store your data without excessive loss of variables. You can turn your paper CRFs quickly and easily into elegant and powerful eCRFs using an advanced designer module.

During the study, real-time metrics provide the coordinating team with estimates on study recruiting, site efficiency and data collection in individual forms. This continuous data quality control decreases overhead costs, reduces risk of regulatory problems and accelerates the efficiency of the report.


Real-time Reporting

You can also monitor your data capture in real-time with personalized (spoken) reports and other dashboard metrics in the Trovend clinical suite. It has never been so easy to monitor your research, databases or even special forms to help you to respond quickly and avoid time and data loss.


Double-data entry becomes redundant with (user rights) assigned data validation staff who can verify the data and address pending queries. These questions can also be monitored in the report section, giving you a summary of what has been done and what needs to be done.

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For all EDC solutions, Trovend Technology provides advanced electronic data capture system (EDC) to capture, manage and report all of these data quality assurance techniques built-in. contact us for more information!

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