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If you own a restaurant, and one of your top goals is to ensure a good experience for guests and increase your restaurant footfall. To do so, you’ll ensure a lot of things like providing quality food, maintaining restaurant hygiene, designing a guest-friendly infrastructure , providing coupons and and deals on the food you offer.

You are in fact also looking for ways and means to better engage your guests. Clearly you want the experience to satisfy the guests. And let others recommend your restaurant. After all, word-of – mouth is among the greatest hacks in marketing. The recent developments of COVID-19 can have a severe impact on your food and drink outlet business. Most countries around the world which allow these outlets to be gradually opened impose a number of restrictions. The use of physical menus is a major concern for the restaurants right now. Since the increasing prices aren’t ideal for printing disposable menus, contactless QR Code menus are a viable choice.

Trovend Technology provides Digital Menu QR code as a strategic solution for ordering the food from the mobile guest. The two-step method of ordering food involves scanning the code present on their mobile phones at a restaurant to display the menu and placing the order without any difficulty downloading any additional app. Uploading a menu in PDF format takes less than a minute and translating it to a QR code so keeping customers informed and secure goes a long way. QR-Menu solution Trovend Technolgy has come up with an alternative, innovative solution that is quick to deliver and cost-effective. As per the image below, we generate a unique QR code printout that is tailored to you. Somewhere handy like tables, walls, or screens, you can keep this code to. Not only are QR codes cost-effective but they are also simple and easy to enforce. Plus, there’s an added benefit in the wake of COVID-19 which keeps everyone clean through contactless interactions.This QR code will redirect your customers from their cell phones into a digital menu of your choosing. You do not even need to throw it away, depending on where you put this file, but just keep using it for ever!

If you are interested in expanding your business with a QR-Menu, and to know details about how it works simply get in touch! We are an ambitious and leading tech company

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