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In 2020, restaurant businesses worldwide recommended a safer , healthier and more innovative alternative to the conventional dining experience. Recent research has shown that the digital menu implementation will speed up (average) the order process by 35 per cent.

Smarter prospects for the restaurant business:

“Tablet-based ordering has been reported to provide a 10-to 15-percent increase in sales and a 15-percent increase in dining.”

Without a doubt, a creatively designed digital menu that works on a personal mobile device can empower a business to work more effectively and to expand to its fullest potential. This leads to more customer loyalty, a rise in foot traffic and regular visits.

Paper menus seem to be outdated and (some) reasons are here:

1.Environment: Paper menus adversely affect the current efforts of our community in order to build a more environmentally sustainable living style for all. Paper gets damaged- which means that new replacements are constantly needed. When restaurants change to online platforms, the carbon footprints left by mass paper menus are quickly avoidable.

2.Flexibility and innovation are lacking: the quality of information for conventional paper menus is limited.   The cost of the Renovation Menu is a constantly updated investment. The simplification of the order procedure will exponentially increase your income by showing a separate menu for various dining hours or days.

  1. The lack of innovative components to attract modern audiences:The conventional approach to the restaurants through a paper-back menu is increasingly getting outdated and out of style. The creative process of creating an engaging menu is constrained by untold limitations. A research has shown that the consistency of a servicescape is influenced positive by the menu esthetic. A well-designed menu can put the consumer in an organized mood that boosts average sales.
  2. Unhygienic:many studies show that Cold and Flu will live on hard surfaces for eighteen hours. With the reoperation plans as cities leave COVID-19 and consumers are ultimately eager to leave home for a restaurant experience, a digital menu plays a vital part in safeguarding the protection of our communities. 

Our approach to revolutionising customer experience:

Trovend Technology offers a simple digital menu that is conveniently accessible to restaurants to upload attractive and professional food images.The menu description can also be updated easily – enabling the kitchen to improve the versatility of its regular creations and eliminate menu reprinting  cost.Our versatile yet adaptable features can help companies to be more flexible behind-the-screen to prevent food waste and to increase customer satisfaction.

In addition, Trovend offers a green alternative to conventional paper menus, helping to reduce the carbon footprint from all the restaurants that sub scribe to our services.

An increase in efficiency, not complexity.

Our mission is to assist restaurant owners and dine-in customers to build a healthy, dynamic and unique experience- beginning with a relaxed yet impressive first glimpse of the menu in their dining experience. The benefit of converting or incorporating a digital menu platform in your business is exponential.  

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