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This year has proven very eventful and challenging. It has brought many changes starting with the outbreak of coronavirus and ending with the global economic crisis. Citizens from around the world are being placed in quarantine and many businesses are reporting their losses. Though some businesses like tourism still have to face difficult times and wait for the better ones, other niches like fitness and entertainment quickly went digital and even during quarantine continued to make money. And if you own a business and believe your profits are diminishing every day, it would be best not to wait and then take immediate action.

It is hard to tell how long the economy will continue to be stopped and some stores will need to stay closed. Food markets, pharmacies and shops selling personal hygiene items will continue to operate regardless, but what about shops selling clothes, hobby supplies, toys, books, household goods, repair supplies, etc? If you own one of those shops, then you’d better keep up with the digitization trend and create your own marketing solution

How is the optimisation of software a must for store?

We can tell for sure that investing in the website and mobile presence is a good idea to start. During quarantine it will keep you in business and improve your store sales and profitability even after it’s over.   Since it is estimated that billions of people worldwide will be buying goods and services online. As this is a very large potential customer base and you should not miss a chance to reach out to them and increase your business profit.

So essentially you need to take your business to a whole new level:

Build a website: It will provide simple and quick access to information about the products or services you are offering.

 Develop a custom application: it will allow your customers to make a purchase anytime, anywhere, including on the go.

The benefits of these approaches are very clear from the user perspective. Customers don’t need to spend time going to the physical store and choosing a good that they like. We will make a home-sitting buy. You will have the ability to take a look at each good’s feedback and suggestions, and determine if it serves the purpose.

Not only in times of pandemic all digital solutions seem to be important, they will also be able to optimize numerous processes in your company afterwards. Here are some software optimizing advantages:

Better customer service. You will be sure that everything is delivered efficiently and your customers are happy if you handle the deliveries by yourself and do not tie up any other third-party organizations. mobile  apps allow incorporating features for real-time monitoring of an order. So you can implement quality service control, and your customers can know where their products are and when they will be getting them. In addition, your customers can leave you with honest feedback either in the app or on your website, usually helping to improve your business.

Automated processing of instructions. No order will get lost, as your app or your website will both process them. The relevant details will be filled in by the users and the staff will have to prepare the product for delivery.

Enhanced product turnover: You can evaluate command-based information to understand what products are more common and are purchased more frequently. It helps the demand to be identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Deep Customer Base Review: Analytics helps you to obtain information of your users to analyze their profiles (age, gender, products preferences, buying power, behaviour, etc.). This helps you understand who your clientele is, and which approaches to improve sales you can use.


Getting your own application for the selling of products or services is essential nowadays as mobiles become an inseparable part of our lives. The current situation with coronavirus just shows that many businesses are not able to tackle unforeseen circumstances. Websites and mobile apps can be game-changers not only during quarantine but in daily life as well.

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