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Case report forms are an important part of the development of clinical research. All clinical data collected from the study are maintained and managed in the case report form. To be evaluated and to draw conclusions.

Everyone who practices clinical research knows the value of saving time and the desire to achieve more with less resources. New approaches are required to achieve this aim with data collection as far as possible. The good researcher is continuously evolving technology and adaptive. 

What is Case Report Form?

Clinical research seeks to gather data to address medical concerns that need to be examined or validated, for example, the causes of a certain illness, the effectiveness or safety of a medical procedure, early diagnosis of a disease, etc. Most data is obtained during the implementation of the analysis and must be regularly stored somewhere; this is why case report forms are used.

This method has traditionally been used in the area of clinical trials and has grown considerably over the years. Paper CRF is the traditional method of data collection and an appropriate choice if the size of the studies is limited or variable, though electronic CRFs are available.

Advantages of electronic case report form (eCRF)

  • Less time consuming
  • Enables sponsors / pharmaceutical companies to carry out significant multicenter trials at the same time due to ease of administration.
  • Data entry is simple and errors can be reduced
  • Duplication of CRF pages is avoided as repetitive data such as protocol ID, site code, subject ID will be created automatically from the first page to all other case report types.
  • The communication of data between two connected CRFs is easy and fast in eCRF.
  • rapid data resolution minimizes the time required to obtain site / investigator confirmation and thus clean data is quickly obtained, resulting in faster database closure, faster regulatory submission and eventual approval.
  • Designing a paper CRF is a tiresome task that can lead to data errors and misconceptions;
  • A risk of error during data transfer from the source document to paper CRF is quite common

The choice between the conventional case report form and the electronic case report form would depend on the research sponsors and their available economic resources. Ultimately, however, due to its reliability and security, the use of electronic CRF is much preferable.

Trovend, the Technology Partner  you need in handling your EDC

We will help you design the case report form that you need for your study. We have the most innovative technologies for the effective implementation of an electronic CRF for your study, including a comprehensive collection of apps. We configure and customize eCRFs to each client as much as possible.

At Trovend, we will provide you with the following data management features for your study at different levels:

  • Assign Unique Site Code and Number for each Patient
  • One or Multiple Portal
  • Fully responsive/Mobile Friendly
  • Secured Data
  • Data Management & flexibility
  • Data Integration
  • Transparency & Interoperability

  • Reports in Minutes
  • Customize According to your requirement

In short, we provide a reliable service to help various organizations in their research activities and eventually discover effective and safe vaccines and therapies. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns about how we can help with your clinical studies.

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