Drug development remains a complex and expensive process  for clinical research organizations (CROs) and the larger pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Clinical trials form an integral part of this method, running for several years and costing millions of dollars. The core aspect of the study is the compilation of study-related data from various sites, subjects.

As the scope of the trials continues to increase the need for sourcing, collection and storage of accurate data is very important. There is also a need to ensure quicker access to this data for various end users in order to allow more informed, flexible decision-making. As a result, many clinical research organisation are switching to cloud-based electronic data capture (EDC) systems for capturing and evaluating clinical data across various sites. Apart from eliminating the traditional method of gathering study data using paper forms, EDC reduces the need for often challenging site visits to gather and collect study data.

The effectiveness in which detailed data from multi-site clinical trials can be obtained, evaluated ultimately decides the effectiveness and safety of new drugs in the development. EDC systems offer innovative tools that pharma companies can incorporate into their current systems and use the same tools to identify studies, collect data and manage the same for assessing study results. The benefits provided by EDC systems are numerous – allowing data-driven monitoring that offers clarity and actionable insights at all stages of a particular trial. This simplified data can  give  a boost to the effectiveness of complex trials. These solutions are mainly developed with the goal of simplifying workflows and offering improved user experience.

EDC systems are becoming increasingly essential for researchers as they simplify complex clinical trials while remaining readily accessible from the point of view of the user. Another convincing feature of such systems is the real-time exposure they provide in the vast amount of data obtained at each point of the trials. Researchers conducting challenging trials to develop new-to – market medications or to prove the efficacy of long-term medicines for chronic diseases are now introducing EDC solutions in-house to make the trials easier and more efficient. This can be accomplished by opting for cloud-based EDC systems that require comparatively lower upfront capital investment and limited maintenance issues. In addition, such an absurdity

Conclusion :

As the incorporation of EDC system with other digital eClinical applications, the pharmaceutical industry recognizes the need to develop and incorporate tailored EDCs. This would improve their ability to easily source digital data from sources, including electronic health records and laboratory reports.

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