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Covid-19’s effect is hitting all industries & business sectors hard. Corporate companies meet unseen challenges, from small-scale businesses to SMEs and leading firms, to cope with the current situation.

However, businesses are adopting new tactics & strategies to reach their customers through online mobile app platforms in the midst of this coronavirus outbreak. With their trending mobile app ideas in 2020, mobile app development service providers are gaining multiple opportunities to earn. Despite the impact of COVID-19, entrepreneurs are advised to turn their companies online for this purpose:

  • Rise in the mobile app market:holding aside the COVID-19 issue, it is estimated that mobile app profits will double by the end of 2024. It is now expected that the mobile app downloads will turn 183.7 billion, which is around 9 percent higher than projected before the pandemic spread.
  • Reduced human contact is gaining prominence: Online businesses, eCommerce companies in particular, are already contactless deliveries as a precautionary measure against infection. This would be a good reason to move into the digital economy as customers now rely more for their basic needs & services on online platforms.
  • Online shopping boom:Retail firms are turning online as leading e-commerce businesses, online pharmacy, & grocery stores such as Amazon, Bigbasket, Grofers, Flipkart, Pharmeasy, 1 mg, etc. have gone out of stock due to increased demand for daily needs during the lockdown.
  • Enhanced demand for online services:• while the government has permitted online retail and logistics during this period, it is suggested that most business experts adopt such ideas for mobile app development in COVID-19. 

The above statistics may have changed your mind to ideas for mobile app creation that are thought-provoking. Your wait here ends, as these are the top 5 strategies that you need to adopt to grow your business through mobile apps.

1) Choosing the right platform for app development: If you choose the right platform for your app growth, then it will offer exceptional business advantages. Yet it can be very difficult for the company owners to select the app development platform. So, when choosing them they need to consider certain parameters. It can be the platform that generates a lot of traffic, a platform that offers a better user experience, etc. In addition , the type of app that users use can be another factor in selecting the type of platform for development.

Because the development of mobile apps is rather more complicated than the development of websites, it is best to start with the appropriate platform. As there are many operating systems and devices with different capabilities, before developing any mobile app you need to decide which which one is best to develop it on. There are however two major platforms, iOS and Android, with which you can launch.

2 ) Better user experience : A mobile app should always be customer focussed.  User experience is one of the most important factors impacting the performance of an application. So, always it should be user-oriented and engaging. Thus, the designers, developers and quality control teams should collaborate thoroughly. By using the right marketing approach for your mobile app, the app is able to offer a great user experience.

The first step toward improving user interaction is to consider your target customers’ needs. It’s because interaction with users is just as important as the user experience. You can use mobile app analytics to get active user insights on how they interact with the app. Mobile app developers should therefore do performance testing and review analytics at deployment stage to detect any bugs in advance. In the end, this will allow your mobile app to succeed.

3) Use of a more advanced marketing approach: The third thing that needs to be done is to establish an unfailing marketing plan. It’s an extensive intends to offer though. The mobile application development services team has to handle the different aspects of its planning stage in an effective manner, from ads to user data collection. If you wish to develop an iOS application, you must hire a developer. If you wish to develop an mobile application properly, you can hire a mobile application developer.

You also need to consider whether you want your mobile app development  marketing plan to be long or short term. You would need to prepare, implement and manage all of the marketing processes with a long-term promotion strategy. Eventually, the quality of every mobile app depends on how successful the marketing strategy you implement works

4) Leveraging new technologies and boosting security : The use of modern technologies such as AR / VR, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud-based technology in the development of mobile apps is helping a number of companies today. They generate high revenues from such technologies each year.

There may be various reasons behind it when it comes to security issues in the development of apps, data leakage, data storage gap, light controls, etc. It becomes important to pay full attention to the various security features to avoid such data theft. By understanding the type of user and using data protection strategies you can easily curb security problems.

5) Evaluating the performance of a mobile app

Continuous evaluation of the output of the developed app is often recommended. If the app developed slows down or continually crashes while running, there might be risks. This will let the users go and make them leave the app with poor feedback. This will let the users go and make them leave the app with poor feedback. It will make your  app more and more rejected by customers and, as a result, they will leave the product.

Many issues could be caused to mobile apps, however, such as data leakage, data loss that can affect overall performance of the app. Instead that, you can hire dedicated mobile app developement company to get this job done in the right way for you. They are going to take care of a lot of things including. Appropriate testing, error status, storage management when implementing a plan for the development of mobile apps.

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