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The coronavirus crisis can seems like a massive risk to companies and employment and also to health, but as a result, digital marketing will potentially take a huge leap forward. It is an accepted fact of life witnessed from the 20th century; social shifts such as universal suffrage were seen in the First World War. The second was followed by the establishment of the NHS and a modern social and economic paradigm in which there was such strong support that it continued for more than 30 years. Most people even wonder that the coronavirus pandemic would impact social behaviours, habits and how people work and shop even.

Significant activities that can affect whole communities can alter lives in more ways than; it not only has an impact on the period but can serve as a cause for significant changes afterwards.

In the short term how do marketers respond?

If ever a time has come to come to the fore for digital marketing, it is now. Billboards normally used by thousands are now standing next to quiet roads, fewer people are venturing out to get newspapers, and no one is hosting events. The likelihood of seeing advertising on social media or engaging with digital marketing sites meanwhile, with so many people online

There are several clear goals that digital marketers should concentrate on, with several more challenging products right now:

  • social media – as that will be all-important to maintain connections
  • Websites with sport-related content that would be common in the absence of live sport
  • Emphasizing ethics – businesses that are ethically involved in maintaining employees and paying suppliers or helping in other ways, such as supporting food banks, would be able to promote it in content marketing, while others may suffer reputational harm if they do not do so

All of this will concentrate on the main changes happening as a result of the crisis. The consumer identity marketers need to understand the transition, directly in terms of their needs, which is going to be similar to most people because almost everyone has to follow the same lifestyle around. The goal then is to market the products and services as the solution to this particular need.

Of course, when the restrictions are removed, many would immediately respond to jumping offline and doing things they couldn’t do before – visiting friends and relatives, visiting museums and theaters (Cinema Halls), returning to bars, restaurants, sporting fields, and places of worship, gyms and libraries. Marketers should be mindful, however, that many economists expect the recovery to be gradual and not a fast one.

Moreover, customers may emerge from the crisis with some very different needs, preferences, and activities – all of which would have an effect on how they choose to spend their time and money. In these factors, marketers need to study how customer preferences are evolving. The growth of eCommerce and the use of the Internet has already been an essential feature of life and economics, yet this crisis may tend to promote that growth. It implies that the value of digital marketing will be even significantly higher – already essential for small businesses that have seen traditional marketing deliver even lower returns on investment. As the world is becoming ever more digital, so should marketing. All marketers need to do is adapt to a new post-pandemic environment with revised approaches.

How does Trovend Technology support your business ?

At Trovend we are indeed striving to provide clients with special deals and promotions to get them through the period of crisis. But we can also enable businesses to build custom-made digital marketing strategies that match them and their client base in the longer term. It includes strategies for updating and evolving to better respond to changing client demands.

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