In todays’s technology-driven world, entrepreneurs have plenty of tech options and resources to choose from expanding online. That which promises”taking more sales” or “converting more leads”.

The first thing on their checklist for the company is to find a suitable technology. Business strategy, money, and resource are no longer business priority. To be more specific, most companies are now technical companies that operate in different product categories in the industry. Regardless of the current size of the company, both businesses are keen to increase the amount of sales they were constantly producing.   Technology is changing the marketing process from the cloud to SEO services, to quick changes to the e-commerce platform. The technology plays a disruptive role in business growth seems to be clear. This makes a company out of nowhere and even appeals to outdated companies who don’t want to adapt to changing times. After all, technology is constantly reinventing and evolving, and around it the world is also being reinvented. Now let’s take a look at technical innovations that are taking businesses towards success on the fast lanes.

Here are the technologies which do the impossible for businesses.

Ø  Cloud Storage: Investing in the sales team is a step toward opting to use the technology referred to as “the cloud” or cloud based business management. The cloud is not a physical entity, but rather a network of servers, most of which offer an online service, and others allow you to store and access data. The cloud helps businesses save thousands of dollars a year and enables a secure and cost-effective company. In fact, the Cloud helps you to easily scale up or downsize depending on your resource requirement. Using this new technology will help the sales team become more flexible and profitable. Moreover, advanced cloud technologies can help you create, track, and close more leads, which can improve the effectiveness of your sales team to complete some of those essential deals.

Ø  High-end security: Most modern-day enterprises are at risk of security risks and vandalism. Thus came to the scene SSL certificate.  SSL certificates are bite-sized files that encrypt and decrypt information that is shared between a web client and server. It ensures that no third party or unauthorized user can hack into the online exchange of data. SSL certificate offered high-end protection in data transmission and established secure and assured factors without losing any safety loopholes.

Ø  Chat support: The only recourse for user complaints was toll-free numbers before the Internet came in and took away the dial up networks. They were slow, inefficient and incredibly unreliable. Businesses lost a large share of their customers because they could not communicate and interact with their customers in real time. Yet, all that changed with Web and chat-based support systems. Users can almost any day of the night contact remote customer service executives to answer their questions.

Ø  CRM Systems: The introduction of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems has dramatically changed the sales environment by having all sales team members on same page and agreeing with what was done and what to do. Through combining marketing, distribution, and customer service, CRM systems offer companies a holistic view of the client interaction. Sales teams can easily access information by using CRM systems which tells them what a specific client has been contacted about.The accessibility of data that comes from CRM systems also offers sales staff an opportunity to see how they can expand business to other franchises in addition. Armed with up-to-date, relevant information and the ability to reach clients and prospects when on the move, a sales team is becoming more flexible, more effective and more efficient .

Ø  Mobile Application: Building a mobile app to go with your business online is a successful business step in the tech-enhanced world of today. Enterprise mobility has branched out into a whole segment of mobile applications built specifically for companies with strong application requirements. A mobile app is a perfect way to keep the digital audience fresh in view. Your company will gain some very useful information when users download an app.

Ø  SEO (Search Engine Optimization):The relationship between website traffic and sales makes a lot of sense to most people — increasing your website traffic results in increased online and offline sales. The problem then becomes, how can I improve traffic on my website? A resounding response is: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through customizing search engine tactics, SEO helps to place the product or service to interested users. This targeted traffic to your website (search engine traffic that searches for your specific services) then maximizes your ROI and increases online revenue, all while helping to enhance the brand identity of your company. Successful websites need an Online marketing strategy that is more efficient, so look for professional SEO services to compete with your competitor (who are probably already using SEO techniques!).

Ø  Social Media: The most impact in our modern era is the social media. People don’t send postcards to each other. Companies do not have cold client calls. They use social media to engage consumers and its broad scope. Today, social media is doubling up as a regular forum for consumers to express their views on products, services, brands and customer service. Social networking networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. help companies reach their consumers more effectively and with greater significance than traditional marketing strategies. In addition, they are known as the largest sources of consumer knowledge and actions that can be replaced by no amount of market study or analytics.

Ø  Website Analytics : The need to evaluate, understand and use it for business development came with loads of data. With the advent of the Internet, any company that has a website has entered into analytics. Web analytics tools just add to the convenience of knowing where the website visitors come from, what part of the website they mainly invest, which CTAs make them click and much more.Advanced website analytics also help website owners profile their users allowing the website experience to be more customized in detail.

Ø  Technology and your contact information: Every company online has a free opportunity to grab ahold of its own Google map page. If you also have a small retail location, this will make it so that as drivers search for relevant places, your business will view itself as a destination choice. You’ll also have a “Contact Us” page on your company website, too. Using the mapping capabilities of Google to clarify to web users more accurately where the office or other specific locations have been established.


The role that technology plays in expanding business is immeasurable.  From businesses to individuals and social services, technology is prevalent everywhere. Technology holds the power within its fold to put together people from two corners of the globe, separated by distance from each other. It can bridge an immediate link on a real- between two people on two opposite sides of the world and thus placed profitability, performance and much more on a quick lane for companies. It is not where the influence of technology stops. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc. would give business growth and expansion more motivation.

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