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If we think about the benefits of on-demand apps during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to reason with the fact that the purpose behind the start of the business was to help relieve people in the comfort of their homes. The field of on-demand & delivery apps solutions has expanded by many, ever since Uber became a tremendous worldwide success. Now-a-days, irrespective of where you search, businesses are taking a turn to delivering on demand. This is in fact one of the few industries that is continually expanding. The existence of an offline mode in everything a person needs in their daily lives is something that again validates the potential in the on-demand delivery market provided by the coronavirus outbreak. The solution to why a company should implement an on-demand delivery system for almost every on-demand service, from grocery delivery to retail delivery to beauty services on-demand, fuel delivery is intended to make it easier for people to get the services without leaving their homes.

Let us look at various types of on demand apps which contribute to the fight against coronavirus

On-demand food delivery services: The market for on-demand food delivery apps is almost always on the rise, regardless of the time and state of the economy. This moment at about the same feature is also seen with coronavirus. However when people are confined to the homes, they can order the food they want with just a single click. In addition, it’s an understandable situation that isolation is the reason why people worldwide are doing more to opt for on-demand food delivery apps.

On demand solutions for grocery applications : The next on the list of on-demand applications that help counter coronavirus is on-demand apps for grocery stores. To avoid going out in public areas , people now turn to using shopping apps to bring to their doorsteps their daily objects needed.

On-demand services for doctor: Hospitals around the world are using their resources in a way that works on instances of coronavirus and not on other treatments to the full. In a time like this, it has become very difficult to get your daily check-up, ask for a medical question or get in contact with a doctor during an emergency. Hospitals and several doctors have already used on-demand medical apps to communicate with their patients. This way, in the on-demand phase, no patient or prospective patient goes unheard.

On-demand pharmacy services: As with medical stores, people can prefer to have medicines delivered at their doorstep. The fear that people who are unwell prefer to visit pharmacists often, people now stay away from their local pharmacies. And the number of pharmacy-on-demand apps is growing.

On-demand video solutions :Video-on – demand apps like Netflix, Disney+, etc. have become a ray of hope for individuals currently self-quarantining. That is also one of the key reasons why the number of films that arrive early on streaming media is rising every day. For a company looking to use on-demand coronavirus outbreak to create a large initial user base, now is the perfect time to join the on-demand video domain or extend the content to keep the users engaged. If you’re a service provider on demand or a store / center owner hoping to grow a delivery app , you ‘re looking forward to a great opportunity. Now, you might face some demand-supply problems, limited opening times for the store, logistical issues, and issues of manpower. It all can be easily solved by development of a delivery app. Before moving to the features of the delivery app, let’s quickly understand out in some of the problems that your app development can remove with a delivery app.

Which issues can you use in Delivery App to eliminate?

  • High demand, lack of stock, shortened shop hours will be easily managed…

 The demand-supply chain of each commodity has been affected with the quarantine time. Each supply has been disrupted recently, from milk to foodstuffs to medicines. But with the development of the delivery app , you can easily satisfy people’s current needs. You can monitor your inventory via the on-demand delivery application. The app will help you keep a list of items in-store with their respective food quality and amounts, so you can conveniently keep track of your stock. You can meet your customers on time with shortened shop hours and provide their deliverables It’s a win-win situation for both you and the customers who are locked in their homes, and you can digitally take advantage of such a chance for better company. Your food delivery app or grocery delivery app will easily overcome their struggle to stock their fridges with food choices or preparing food every day.

  • Provide opportunities with the gig-economy movement to deliver on time

There are a lot of day-to-day wage jobs affected by the lockout situation. You must have adequate manpower for prompt delivery to fulfill the distribution requirements. You can easily get workers on a contract- or freelance basis into a gig economy. Being a med store or food delivery store you need gig workers who can easily work on a task-based basis through the development of your delivery app. When doing this kind of man-power tie-up, you will reduce the expense of recruiting a permanent employee to perform these tasks.

  • Stability at the market can be reached : The virus threatens the whole world, and has directly impacted the economy. Using a subscription app you can help people meet their wages and expenses slowly and gradually. You can thus provide some job opportunities and play a significant role in the employment of unemployed people. Nonetheless, the challenge you ‘d face is finding an organization that will deliver the project in time. This is where we can help with Trovend Technology. We work as a distributed organization which ensures that our teams is working together remotely. we work into getting the project completed as promised on time while being only a call away from us. What we ‘d suggest is moving with empathy. Anything from sharing your vision with stakeholders should have the touch of modesty to push notification messages to the clients.

Conclusion: On-Demand applications focus specifically on the delivery of secure and reliable services to customers. The ease of availability to pick utilities in just a few clicks makes this the perfect alternative for customers. Looking at the present business situation, it can be said that this service will remain here for a long time to come and we might even be experiencing it reaching new industries.

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