We’re excited to announce the launch of our “PhotoLink” mobile app for the android platform. PhotoLink, the group photo Sharing app, has been released. This is an integrated , SSS-based photo sharing app i.e. Share, Safe and Store with your loved ones. You can use the photolink to share cherished memories from your family holidays, camping trips, weekend getaways, summer holidays, and even weddings, birthday parties and friends evening out. No more send me that picture requests; as long as you are part of the group, you can access all the images.

We recommend the app in the following cases :-

If you want to share easily all the Photos you took while traveling with friends.  

 -If you want to make a photo album of family outing memories.

 -If you want to share photos of your Kids milestones with the members of your family at once.

 -If you’ve got to find a particular photo from a huge archive.

In the digital world, photolink enables photo sharing quick. For people who wish to share photos with the chosen people they can create a group and send them access of their privacy that only those group members can access, Photolink locks photos to the individual group so that they stay private.

What can you do with this app?

– Connect with your friends create a group and group members can add their own updates.

– Completely private and secure, your photos can only be seen by the group members.

 – Invited family and friends can interact with updates that you share by posting smiles, likes and comments.

 – Organize your collections into memories .

A simple registration allows you to create an exclusive group and post & recieve photos from group members,you can “like” those you find interesting,and comment on them.You don’t have to worry about privacy because there are no photos shared outside the group and none other than group members would have access to the group.

All you need to do is

1.Download and Register

2.Create a group and add people from your phones contact list

3.Upload picture by selecting the approximate date

4.Share the picture to one or many groups.

Upload pictures to the groups and share smiles. PhotoLink is all about linking you, your Photographs, and your connection. 

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