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Many restaurants around the world have been seriously impacted during the Coronavirus pandemic. People are now looking for inventive ways to provide contactless dining to their customers. The contactless menu is an excellent way of reducing social contact while ensuring secure service.While dine-in interaction may be challenging to minimize, there are different methods for minimizing interaction between your clients and staff, such as QR codes based Digital menu. Digital menus could be essential to the success of a pandemic by using QR code menus.

What Is QR Code & How does it Function?

QR codes – short form for Quick Response codes, like bar codes that can be used at a retailer. A QR code menu is a digital menu that uses a generator of online QR code to create a menu. This form of digital menu uses QR codes in its menu embedding PDF/Image. It replaces paperback menus, which raise the risk of transverse contamination.

Customers can scan square QR Code using a cell phone. This allows them to gather information you prefer such as your digital menu or website. The QR code is fast and easy to scan. Most of the smart phones have a QR code scanner built-in. The QR scanner is integrated into the Camera App, for example, on the iPhone. Only direct your back camera to a QR Code and your iPhone will recognize the code automatically. You are then prompted to open the selected destination with a notification.

What are the benefits of the QR menu?

A QR code menu is a must for cafés and restaurants seeking to comply with guidelines on social distances and hygiene. Physical menus are one of the most affected items in a restaurant that are exchanged between customers. By scanning a QR code associated to a digital menu, you can help facilitate social distance and offer your business a touch-less service to its customers.

A QR menu that is easy to set up is a smooth user experience for your customers. As a company, it promotes the acceptance of orders for you and, in turn, allows the management to concentrate on other business needs. We at Trovend provide you a customization of your dine-in and take-out menus with QR-code menus that is interrelated and can accommodate dining-in and take-out customers. The QR code is absolutely dynamic. This means that if you ever upgrade your digital menu, you will never have to reprint your QR code.

How can I access a Digital menu based QR code for my business?

  1. Set up Your Digital Menu with Trovend Technology 

The QR code menu is endorsed to continue your restaurant service in the new normal environment. The first approach is to find an online QR code generator, which provides encrypted QR codes like Digitalmenu.trovend. Setting up your digital menu with Trovend is easy! 

No application required! Your customers can select food without having to download an app directly from your digital menu!

  1. Choose Static or Dynamic packages (It is smarter to use dynamic QR codes)

You may now proceed to pick your QR code menu once you have finished filling up the appropriate fields for your QR code menu.

Dynamic QR codes are the best QR code to develop business integration.

  1. Creates and checks your QR code.

You can then start generating your QR code after you have chosen the type of QR code that you would like to generate. To ensure scanning of your QR menu, you need to validate your QR code. Since your customers are your restaurant marketer, you need excellent input and perceptions. This means you don’t have issues and your business will survive the pandemic.

It is time to update your facilities using QR Codes, if you are reopening the bars and restaurants!

 If you’d like to expand your company with a QR code menu, just contact us, please send us a message at any time.

Let us take together small preventive measures to ensure that COVID-19 is not spread in future.

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