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It cannot be overlooked the effect COVID 19 has on our lives. The current pandemic has changed our way of life, moving (literally) and communicating with the world outside. Although this may mean different things for different people, we look ahead of the trend at Trovend; we agree that the new standard should be zero physical contact and extra hygiene. Although people go on socializing and mobilizing as before, the way they do that will change!

Food and Restaurant is one of the major industries affected by COVID 19. While the industry will find its footing as the threat of COVID neutralizes, restaurants will need to go the extra step to build a healthy dining experience for their clients. So, what’s an simple , affordable solution for bars and restaurants to implement right now to help integrate themselves with the new normal?

Well, your business has two options to ensure a healthy dining environment:

  1. Become a printing press, incur a mountain of needless costs and spend countless hours to maintain proper physical menus.
  2. Completely solve this issue by implementing a digital menu based on QR code for your restaurant.

Solving the question seems like a fairly decent alternative overall. Let’s get ready, then!

QR Code Menu for Restaurants & Hotels

QR is short for “ quick response . ” A QR code is a machine-readable optical label that contains information. The information may be a URL, image , text, information about the payment, login information, and this list continues. Virtually any information encodable can be associated with a QR code. And, once scanned, it’s provides information. A can, digital image sensor can scan QR code. Its details is side-to-side and up-and – down encoded. That means turning cell phone cameras into QR code scanners can be easy. Currently, now almost all  mobile phones check QR codes with their standard cameras. You don’t have to create an application and then ask people to access it. It’s just point and search with an object that’s commonly carried.Bars and restaurants with a QR menu can quickly utilize the value and usability of QR codes.

A restaurant or hotel QR-code menu looks like every other QR-code. This can be put on your website, website reviews, windows, key cards, on host or hostess stand, and on any table. Guests will then check it using their camera on the phone and have quick access to your menu.

QR Menus Always Hygienic

QR codes are also used to guide whoever scans them to any form of digital content online immediately. They are one of the easiest ways in which businesses can accept customer demand for social distance

The enhancement in cleanliness from a paper menu to a QR menu can not be overstated for restaurants , bars, and hotels. For one case, every single guest who enters through your doors touches the same document physically. And in the other case, it’s a totally contactless experience which aligns with our new standard. It’s how post-coronavirus menus are. The flexibility is the best thing to use QR codes for menus. Literally, they can be used for any menu. Below are some examples which our customers find particularly useful.

They ‘re hygienic, inexpensive to make, and easy to roll out. They are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, customer-friendly, and capable of serving as menus for taking. And they are mobile-optimised, easy to search and navigate, able to store unlimited content and instantly update.

Trovend Technology is introducing Digital Menu, a much more cost-effective way to provide your customers with the digital & contactless menu experience by generating a QR-based menu. These are scannable codes which open on the customer’s phone menus. It is a simple, fast , and cost-effective and best alternative to the drop-down menu. The most impactful advantage provided by Digital Menu is the QR Menu which is touchless.With Digital Menu, the restaurants, hotels, eateries center, fast-food shops, dhabas, tea spots, food trucks, street food stalls, cafeterias, coffee shops, grocery outlets, food bakeries, etc. can give their customers a digital menu experience free of viruses and without touch.

Switching to the QR menu for Digital Menu has many advantages.

  1. QR Menus is more hygienic than menus on paper. It gives your customers a touchless experience of viewing your food menu on their phone by scanning the QR code placed on the table.
  2. A better customer experience on their phones by providing instant access to your menu. With the Digital Menu, after first scanning, the customer will be able to view the food menu and decide what to eat while seated in your restaurants.
  3. The QR Menus will help restaurants significantly reduce the cost of physical menus printing, make it an environmentally friendly option and save paper resources

QR Menus Types that can be created using the Digital Menu

  • Bars, hotels , restaurants, fast-food stores, dhabas, tea stops, food trucks, street food stands, cafeterias, coffee shops, retail outlets etc.
  • QR Menus room service
  • Spa & other services QR Menu

Get started with your business’ QR Code

It isn’t difficult to create a QR menu for your restaurant. Everything you do is insert the information that you want encoded in the QR code. Then click on a button and generate a QR code. If someone scans QR code, they automatically provide the details.

Thankfully, Trovend Technology QR code-based menu Digital Menu does just that. All bars, restaurants , and hotels are required to scan or take a picture of the current menu (Make Sure Images are clear and in good condition). Upload images by each page in order to construct a sequence URL / Page. Use QR Code, this QR Code is valid for your entire life.

Follow these steps to start using Digital menu

Step 1: Start your Registration at https://digitalmenu.trovend.com/Identity/Account/Register  and upload choose a plan we provide 3 type of plan Free/ Basic /Daynamic Choose your plan and upload your menu.

Step 2:
On successful registration, upload your images by page wise and click on customer view to see the preview of your menu once you’re okay with the preview download the QR code. Print the QR menu and place it on the table.                                                                

Step 3: Offer your client the comfort of browsing a touchless digital menu.

Trovend Technology will help if you’re a bar or restaurant owner trying to make the move for your wine menu or beverage menu. Book a demo and we will walk you through how easy it is to get out in front of the crowd. If you have any questions, or need more details , please contact us.

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