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The current pandemic has an impact on the way we live and work. It has an impact on every aspect of what we do and no industry is exempt. The challenge faced by many Clinical Research organisation is the continuity of their work, which in large part depends on the participation of the subjects and to navigate it while complying with the regulations and ensuring the safety of staff and subjects. To help solve some of the problems that many are looking at technology, to see if it can help. The complexity of the clinical trial is continually changing. New technologies and innovation have changed the way we look at the complexity of clinical trials.

While the clinical trial industry focuses on seeking a “new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic, the effect of this on clinical trials suggests a move towards technology, we are focusing on how Trovend can help with your trials now that remote services are needed more than ever. While these unprecedented times have and continue to have an impact on business, Trovend Technology remains fully committed to serving the industry and the professionals who rely on us to do the best we can. Paper studies are at a standstill, leaving sponsors, CRO’s and sites scrambling to find a way forward.

It can be said that the outcomes of the positive clinical test of the medical device are established. Quality data must be generated to achieve the best possible outcome. As Electronic Data Capture (EDC) has become a new standard, the focus of these technologies is to have built-in features that make the entire clinical trial data management process easier. While it has been shown that electronic case reporting yields higher quality data than paper-based studies, some are still resistant to the adoption of eCRF for their trials. COVID-19 turned paper trials upside down. Start-up costs for eCRF have typically been more costly than paper-based research, but looking only at start-up costs is short-sighted.The trials that used eCRF reduced their average cost of research in the long term.

Pandemic aside, clinical trial data management through eCRF have proved to be more successful by providing better data.We are among the companies offering offline capabilities to minimize paper CRFs, patient surveys collected, and time spent reconciling paper and electronic data capture.

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