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Digital excellence is important for any organization in a connected world. Applications that are creative, secure, stable and user-oriented are the key success factors. We have evolved to become a trusted technology partner for our customers with our knowledge in cutting-edge innovations and our constant emphasis on capability growth. Building on a broad understanding of the Java / JEE architecture, Microsoft technologies, C++, open source stacks and mobility development tools, our technology experience incorporates Enterprise applications and mobile apps.

Trovend will accompany you from figuring out the core goals & features of your website or web app to getting it built and developed and, just as importantly, defining the appropriate infrastructure to support it all. We deliver Flash, ASP.NET & PHP websites and web application development that are tailor-made to target your customers and make your presence live on the web. We would ensure the entire process follows the quality and requirements of the specified code

Frontend Technologies

With the right frontend technology, one can obtain the potential interaction platform for the users to hook them. JavaScript in combination with HTML5 has revolutionized the way web and mobile applications are built and we are extremely adept at implementing wide array of JS frameworks AngularJs Reactjs Reactnative

Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs)

With the assumption that one dimension does not suit all we use various storage technologies to build standards compliant, secure and web-scale applications. We consolidate data from multiple complex sources and manage end-to-end data integration to predict relevant and actionable insights.

Backend Technologies

Our Backend Development Services provide streamlined solutions by improving the backend of the application by easy synchronization of various features and seamless contact with relational and NoSQL databases, meeting customer and industry needs and providing a high level of user experience that enhances customer loyalty.

Mobile Development

In designing enterprise-level applications, we use our expertise to build mobile apps that are as scalable and maintainable as corporate devices. We specialize in designing multi-platform applications that require a wealth of user interface, use telephone specific features and need stable and high-performance backend connectivity

Cloud &DevOps

We support our clients in the cloud strategy, migration and continuous automation process, with our experience in all public cloud, hybrid and multi cloud frameworks for accessibility and transparency anytime and anywhere.

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