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Most aspiring entrepreneurs strive to start an online business. You could hear them saying “I have an idea for an app” the real question to be answered is- What to do with an app idea? 

“Every successful application was an idea once!”

There are so many ideas ready to transform the world around. People forget that ideas are not sufficient to grow into a monetary business. Of course, not on their own. They need execution. If you don’t know where to start from and you don’t know about programming, you’re on the right page! We at Trovend Technology introduce the plan of action which we will follow to turn your ideas in reality!

1.First question we would find is – “Is there any similar App already in the Market?”

Analysis isn’t about identifying uniqueness in your idea, but about having a reference on what works best and what doesn’t ! If applications are similar and successful, we ‘d focus on the following questionnaire:-

  • How can we make your app better?
  • Where is the lack of competitors?
  • What can you offer to the market?

2.TheSecond question we ‘d come across is “Who are your target audience?

We need to know something specific or special that your audience or users desire to have. Their type range may include particular industry oriented, region, gender, age group, present customers, income group, specific profession, and so on.The better we know your audience’s needs, the better we can re-engineer your app and their desirable features.

  1. What Is Your Budget?

Our Cost depends on the following points: –

  • Which mobile platform would you want to use (Native or Hybrid)
  • Functionality stages (levels) in the App
  • Marketing/promotion strategy

Considering each of the above points will be beneficial before deciding the budget.Deciding the platform of App in the initial stage is very important, as it decides the budget, time to make the app & the type of functionalities your app will consist.Commonly for developing applications, technology companies prefer Android & iOS over windows, as they represent the largest mobile app market. No overlap between mobile app platforms is possible!

  1. Specify Your App Development Requirements

Writing down your requirements is the vital step before the app begins to develop. A requirement document that consists of a thorough knowledge of all the issues that your App will solve in the easiest way. It will be very easy for developers to understand your App through Requirement Documentation

  1. We Design a Flow Chart of your App

If we get your idea of how your app looks, and what functionality each feature performs, and how users can interact with your app. We design the flowchart for how a user should use your App from beginning to end! We’ll also figure out the UI flow for your app. In other words how a user should use your app from start to end.

  1. Create a Road Map!

This step is aimed at understanding what your app could one day become, and what it needs to be effective on the first day. Let us take a supportive move by mentioning all the stuff that you want your application to do on a paper. Rank the items by priority. Idealize the App’s core features, User Benefit Criteria & stuff to add later. If you believe there are some features that your users may need; they might be your strong expectations for later releases.

  1. Wireframe your App

Creating a ‘wireframe’ (prototype) is a must when developing a mobile app from scratch. The process where “rough sketch” ideas come together as a picture of your app, in a crystal clear and more detailed way. We will find all the features that should consist for your mobile app, and build a comprehensive wireframe! Which will allow us to develop every screen and app flow feature.

  1. Start designing and developing your app

Application’s most attractive part is UI which increases its significance. People are fascinated by how things appear in the App and how flexible functionality they are! We will create the mobile application’s visual design. For your idea, the theme, color, visual appeal and fonts are provided. This will take you closer to the final look and flow image of your mobile app. We will keep a quality assurance check while developing your app.

  1. Test the Beta Version First

Finally we will test the product before launching it in the market and for the same, Beta programs are introduced.

  1. Launch the App and start marketing We will publish your application on either the App Store or Google Play Store as recommended by the client. After successful deployment to play store/app store, we are always available for any further changes/ improvements and also we can help you with ASO (App Store Optimisation) and could work with you in reaching more customers. We would like to keep a note on Feedback for further development. After completing the Promotion of your App, we will take careful note of the User Information, Market Requirements & Responses! Upon getting a good response, we’d work for your App’s next enhancements, if not go in-depth with the points where your App is missing. We can get feedback on the In-App via pop-ups or emails. Authentic reviews will help you climb the success and eventually help you attain your goal of turning an idea into an app.  

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