Trovend Technology is a place to learn, explore and develop for innovators. We are made up of bold and innovative thinkers who come from every walk of life. We’re endless innovators, always searching for new ways to connect dots and people. We aim to become a global leader in the development of businesses through digital means. Our open culture drives success for our customers, and our emphasis on inclusiveness provides a great opportunity for our teams. Customer loyalty, transparency, creativity , collaboration and development are the core principles of our organization and continue to represent who we are, how we work and what we aim for. We remain part of your project, true partners with a sustained dedication to your business objectives. Always looking for an experience-led approach to helping brands realize the role digital can play in achieving strategic opportunities, resolving real-world market challenges and producing meaningful and measurable results.

A Diverse Culture & Teams.

Trovend’s motto -” Give life to your idea and Grow with us”-reflects the company’s commitment to both professional and personal growth. “Overall, I think it’s very important to be transparent for management about what’s going well and what’s going badly within the company among the entire team” says Ram Amancha, Founder and CEO.” “I like to talk about the negatives in the meeting, but frankly, I see more value in talking about the positives which boost the team morale”

Several members of the leadership team of the organization expand their mentorship into the workplace to assist team members in all aspects of life, helping workers be more specific. This mindset of helping and encouraging each other is moved around the company from employees to clients and partners. When one employee was apprehensive about talking to the CEO, they started holding daily meetings to build trust, addressing both personal and professional concerns and priorities.

A business culture has a strong potential for growth

“Members of the Trovend Team Says:” We think we all want to be part of something that counts. When there’s a chance like the one we’ve got at Trovend, it’s a lot more satisfying to help create something that’s going to leave a mark. Whether it involves building a successful product, creating satisfied customers or crushing targets depends on the position. At Trovend, you can do all that work.

What makes the culture of Trovend ‘s operations great: Transparency is central to our culture and is demonstrated by everyone from the CEO to the new recruit. During the interview process, one employee noticed how shocked she was at how open the CEO was. In all facets of their lives, including both their professional and personal ambitions, employees feel respected regardless of their position.

The leadership style of Trovend reflects a few main principles: leading through inspiration, not fear; promoting a high-performing environment and rewarding top performers; and allowing absolute transparency. See consistent growth paths as employees are willing to come to work as they succeed and appreciate the good and bad of the company.

We also ensure an environment that whenever they see potential to better the business, everyone is empowered to speak their minds

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