Pandemic catalyzed digital adoption in 2020 forced legacy businesses to modernize by adopting web, mobile and cloud technologies. Most small businesses are outsourcing mobile app development services. Some are building their in-house web & mobile app development tech teams. Some are still exploring & evaluating whether digital is a potential growth channel for their business.

No matter where you’re on your digital journey, business leaders like yourself can benefit from brushing up the latest trends in web & mobile app development in 2021.

In this context, after exploring the entire period of web and mobile app development, we have selected trends to be expected in 2021. From UI/UX architecture to the selection of the right development technologies, automation of application testing to cloud deployment, and all in between.

7 Trends for Web & Mobile App Development for 2021

  1. In-house vs. Outsourcing in IT Services
  2.  User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)
  3. Trending technologies for Web Development
  4. Trending technologies for Mobile App Development
  5. Trending Cloud Technologies to Build Web & Mobile Applications
  6. Practices of Agile Development 2021
  7. AIML, AR/VR, Blockchain, ETL Pipelines, 2021 Trends of Analytics

Let’s quickly give a one-line intro to all the aforementioned technologies.   

Web Applications: Full-fledged server-hosted websites accessible via desktop, laptop, or mobile browsers.

Mobile Apps: Locally installed apps on your mobile devices that have been downloaded from the Play Store, App Store, or from other outlets.

Cloud Services: Computing resources offered and accessed via a web interface by third-party services. For instance, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, etc.

Blockchain: It is a database that records the reliability of products and services. It is a decentralized and distributed database constructed on top of blocks (entries) that are updated by complicated processes.

ETL Data Pipelines & Analytics: The method of collecting, transforming, loading, processing, and analyzing information programmatically to gain actionable insights.

AI/ML: algorithms that allow computing machines to select patterns (machine learning) and automate repeatable tasks without human intervention, i.e. Artificial Intelligence, or make smart decisions.

AR/VR: Virtual reality, on top of an existing real world view, displays software-generated objects/data/graphics. With virtual reality, users experience a simulated digital environment similar to the real world.

Let’s now discuss the major trends in the development of web and mobile apps in 2021.

In-house vs. Outsourcing App Development Trends inn 2021

According to a Statista report, 46 percent of businesses are specific IT providers, such as web development & mobile application development, cloud solutions, BPO and software development, etc. since in-house expertise and resources are not available.

Cost-efficiency is another significant factor to improve the IT outsourcing market. Companies save a good deal of money on IT ventures in countries like India, Ukraine, China, Brazil and others by outsourcing their emerging needs. These are a broad hub for industry-standard IT professionals. In the coming years, more businesses will continue to grow digital, implement cloud technology and embrace disruptive AI technologies.

In addition, outsourcing of IT projects frees the company’s leadership, adds agility to business and additional intelligence to accelerate both creativity and growth.

The development of website or mobile apps is best suited for large scaled companies (though they too outsource a good chunk of their projects). IT services are also a good choice for small businesses.

Web & Mobile App User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) Trends in 2021

In 2020, businesses were forced to launch mobile applications and progressive web applications. As speech becomes part of the mainstream industry, the voice user interface is expected to increase in 2021.

We see major media companies and technology companies like Economic Times or OLA already launching their applications with voice interfaces. More e-commerce companies and social networks will start to use voice user interface this year. Besides speech, a growing UI/UX trend is the multi-theme experience. The key goal behind the design is to increase usability of the products and increase business growth. Integrating multi-theme functionality within your application is one step towards increasing loyalty and retention by providing the user with a customized experience and providing more control over the use of your application.

Trending Web Development Technologies for Building Scalable Applications in 2021

Javascript & Python have lifted the battlefield for companies, allowing everyone to enter a digital enterprise relatively easily. The use of Javascript technology and frameworks is cost-effective to create highly scalable web applications in the cloud. The knowledge, expertise and innovation of designing and constructing profitable companies on the web are still an important aspect.

NodeJs, AngularJs, VueJs and libraries such as ReactJS are perfect for developing full-stack web applications. Scalable, robust, and stable web-based applications are preferred by python frameworks such as Django and flask.

The adoption, for the niche purposes of small web applications, of no-code creation tools such as WordPress, WebFlow, Shopify, Bubble, Google Appsheets and AWS Honey-code.


Trending Mobile App Development Technologies to Build Robust Apps in 2021

The growth of the number of applications in both the play store and the app store is a major reason behind Open Source technologies.  After this short-video powered social networks and multiplayer, high graphic games have been successfully released a range of other applications. For these applications, the network monopoly factor worked.

When more and more companies go online, and as the capacities of mobile processors increase, we are all prepared to see more AR/VR integrated gaming applications and social media. 

Separate applications for android, iOS and windows were built in the early days. Then hybrid apps were up, but performance was lacking.

Now, we have open-sourced, cross-platform technologies such as react-oriented, fluttered mobile device creation for home-like applications.  Flutter is popular with developers and therefore reacts with 90k+ stars.

Like the internet, there is no coding for android mobile apps too! Appcelerator, construction-fire, etc., are trendy platforms for creating no-code applications.

Trending Cloud Platforms For Web & Mobile Application Development in 2021

AWS – The web services of Amazon deliver extremely cost-effective, highly scalable web- and mobile applications in the cloud to a suite of technology computation services and solutions. The most popular AWS technology for the development of highly scalable web and mobile applications is EC2, DynamoDB, Lambda, CloudFront, S3, SNS, RDS, amplify, etc. Amazon Sagemaker is a cost-effective solution for developing your AIML cloud infrastructure.

AWS Azure is popular for company applications, and the Google cloud firebase platform is an excellent alternative to develop cloud-based mobile apps.

Agile Development Trends For 2021

The architecture model of the waterfall is becoming outdated and nearly dead (still used in legacy systems). The agile growth methodology is now the new standard.

Centered on agile, iterative techniques, businesses develop applications. Online and mobile application development processes are relatively accelerated and streamlined through continuous integration and continuous delivery tools and technologies.

In the field of software production, DevSecOps and open-sourced CI/CD tools are trending activities.


AI/ML, AR/VR, Blockchain, ETL Pipelines, Analytics Trends 2021

Web applications and mobile applications are not as simple as they were two years ago. These edge devices now have smart simulation capabilities. Apps are incorporated into real-time systems and objects to improve current processes and experiences. All industries are disrupted with intelligent IoT devices and AI/ML algorithms from healthcare to retail, from education to agriculture, as well as transportation.

Modern mobile applications make use of AR/VR to provide simplicity and agility, drive dedication and benefit in return. AR/VR is a good technology, particularly for other sectors, to disrupt healthcare.

Data & analytics took a massive success in 2020 but were beneficial for everybody, and they are set to improvise to have a more resilient market value.

Wrapping up!

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