Incorporation of software outsourcing is becoming increasingly common today, as businesses worldwide switch to third-party providers to provide essential solutions to relieve the burden on in-house staff. Other common outsourced services include accounting, customer support, marketing on social media and processing of payrolls.

Even though many businesses can facilitate internal development teams to support their business systems, they don’t always have the efficiency or specific experience for each project. You may even want to consider outsourcing before you engage your team with a new project, like a custom mobile application or a large enterprise system integration. Although this may not substitute for your ongoing de-

How to know whether you want to outsource a project

When you’re part of a small team or growing company, it’s hard to delegate budget to other people to complete tasks that you or your internal team typically have to do. Instead of thinking about the extra money you’ll be spending, consider it as an investment in your team’s growth and productivity.

And have a checklist of the questions you ask yourself before outsourcing a project:

  • Is that role a primary service or a profit to your business? If yes, consider hiring someone in-house to responsibly scale company growth. If not, then this could be a task worth outsourcing.
  • Will this task outsource you free time to grow your core business or your product? If it is a yes, then outsource
  • Is it less expensive to outsource this task than to hire someone new or take on the task internally? If they do, outsource it.
  • Can someone else fulfil this task faster and better than your internal team? if yes, you should outsource it.
  • Is that a rare or one-time necessity? If so,it’s timefor outsourcing.
  • Will it give you a competitive edge in handling this task internally? If so, consider recruiting employees, or internally completing this project to prevent outsourcing.

Main factors driving businesses to outsource projects

Software development outsourcing is a significant step for any company, from startups controlled by a small team to global corporations. There is always an element of risk and doubt, but that is understandable: it is rarely easy to deviate from established processes, no matter how necessary it may be.

Reduce Business Cost

This is the main driving factor for businesses that choose to outsource software development. According to Deloitte’s report , approximately 59 per cent of businesses outsource with the goal of raising or minimizing their costs. -Increasing company benefits from cost reduction: this allows more funds to be channelled into other business areas (personnel, equipment and software improvements, office expansions, increased salaries, etc.).

Outsourcing is a much more cost-effective option for businesses for a number of reasons. Working with external workers means you ‘re paying for their services only, without the common expenses associated with in-house staff, such as sick pay, hardware, rent, software, training, etc. Since most employees working from home due to covid-19, pandemic, most business owners and managers are aware of remote work now a days. With increase technical capabilities, out sourcing work to developing countries with smart brains, your products and services will see better returns on investments.

Gain access to world-class technologies

Outsourced software development empowers enterprises to connect with the best professionals in the world, no matter how many miles between them. It’s not a case of trying to bring them in as full-time employees: the gig economy means that there can be collaborations with no further obligation for one-off projects.

Managing on a project-by – project basis with the experts can often offer fun surprises. While a company will provide software developers with a clear brief and targets to hit, the specialists can identify opportunities to make a product even better and put plans into sequence on their own initiative (naturally after checking with the company).

Save time besides hiring new specialists

A number of steps involve hiring new software developers. First, there’s posting an application for potential candidates on different websites and/or browsing LinkedIn. Next involves whiting down the list of applicants to the best and then interviews. And this means juggling timetables to locate a suitable space that will further drag the cycle out.

Any developers that you employ on a full-time basis must have a wide range of skills and be suitable for multiple projects that your company plans to pursue in future. That makes the hiring system even more time-consuming and complicated. Plus, any needed training would incur further delays and costs.Yet it’s much easier when outsourcing the development to external teams. You needn’t think about seeking developers with a diverse range of skills for years of projects. You need to concentrate on picking specialists with the capabilities that suit the project at hand.

Scaling your project more flexibly

Companies that choose to outsource software development avoid recruiting, hiring , training and incorporating new employees into the culture of the company. With access to their own equipment and software, they can simply search for the professionals they need before setting them to work on a specific project or product. It’s faster, easier, and more affordable

The ease of scaling is a further advantage. Additional work can be outsourced to one or more providers when projects need a little more experience or more money. Companies have the flexibility to respond to changes as they occur and take action with a quick turnaround to address these.

Significantly decrease the risks to your project

The production and introduction of new products involves considerable risk, even though market analysis suggests a high likelihood of success. Yet challenges can be extremely daunting for companies and small and medium-sized businesses to branch out into a new path, or with no established strategy for selling successful products.

A company will go through the effort and cost of recruiting full-time developers, paying for months overhead, just for failure of a product. That can be devastating and impossible to recover from, in the worst cases.

Alternatively, outsourcing software development to other businesses works perfectly. Through collaborating with a team that utilizes a high-quality project management system, has developed an efficient methodology and has proven successful in producing applications that deliver good ROI, you can reduce risks associated with developing apps.


Those advantages illustrate why businesses outsource. We live in a software-dominated era, and businesses need to deliver quality goods to gain a foothold in a competitive marketplace.

Supporting an outside team with the ideal skill set to create a high value product for users has real potential to pay off. Finding third-party specialists who are willing to work on a project-by – project basis is easier than ever — and every company should take advantage of that sooner rather than later. If you’re thinking of using outsourcing for your business but still don’t know where to start, that were Trovend Technology comes into action we evaluate each project and works with our customer to determine the most effective approach to completing the work. Price is significant, but our main focus is on delivering quality apps that meet the needs of customers.

Many of our customers expanded their development partnerships with us to incorporate software development projects using team-managed and/or project-based engagements. In other words, the proper relationship-based outsourcing models often follow when you find the right outsourcing partner.

Would you like to get expertise, drive progress , increase inventiveness and save money by outsourcing software development?  Let us know!


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